In this Naga village, equal pay for equal work is not a dream

CHIZAMI (NAGALAND): Earlier this month, thousands of women hit the streets across Switzerland to demand equal pay, but one of the wealthiest countries of the world would be amazed to know that women in a village in Nagaland have secured what it has been striving to achieve for the last 30 years. The gutsy women of Chizami in Nagaland’s

A Tiny Naga Village Has Been Spearheading Women’s Rights & Sustainable Farming for Almost a Decade

A small village in Nagaland’s Phek district, Chizami, has been scripting a quiet revolution in terms of socioeconomic reforms and environmental protection for almost a decade. A model village in the Naga society, Chizami is today visited by youth from Kohima and neighbouring villages for internships in the Chizami model of development. This model focusses on health issues, women’s rights, community programmes, food security, and environmental conservation.

निर्माण मज़दूरों का लेबर कमिश्नर के ऑफिस पर धरना

आपका घर संभल गया, लेकिन कामगारों का घर कब संभलेगा

Watch Know Click This Link NDTV India इस साल मार्च में लोकसभा में श्रम मंत्री संतोष गंगवार ने कहा था कि सरकार घरों में काम करने वालों के लिए राष्ट्रीय नीति बनाएगी ताकि उन्हें न्यूनतम मज़दूरी मिल सके और सामाजिक सुरक्षा की व्यस्था हो सके. वैसे यह बात सुनते सुनते तीन साल से ज़्यादा का … Continue reading आपका घर संभल गया, लेकिन कामगारों का घर कब संभलेगा

Domestic workers seek social security law

ARYAN D’ROZARIONEW DELHI, AUGUST 03, 2018 01:46 IST UPDATED: AUGUST 03, 2018 01:46 IST Demand withdrawal of the Central government’s proposed labour code Shouting slogans, hundreds of domestic workers marched from Mandi House to Parliament Street on Thursday demanding withdrawal of the Centre’s proposed labour code and introduction of a comprehensive law granting social security to domestic … Continue reading Domestic workers seek social security law

Meena, the ‘raj mistry’, sets new standards

Ambika Pandit| TNN | Updated: Mar 9, 2018, 18:42 IST HIGHLIGHTS Meena Ahirwar is setting new standards as she goes about building homes and supervising work at construction sites in her role as a head mason. The "raj mistry" holds a place of prominence in the hierarchy of labourers where men continue to dominate the work profile. NEW … Continue reading Meena, the ‘raj mistry’, sets new standards

Workshop to empower women in informal sectors