Delhi Shramik Sangathan is a federation of unorganized sector workers unions working in Delhi. The federation has two registered unions as its member organization and one unregistered organization, working on three trades namely construction work, domestic work & vending respectively of unorganized sector. The construction workers organization is called Delhi Nirman Mazdoor Sangathan (DNMS), domestic workers organization is called Delhi Gharelu Kamgar Sangathan (DGKS) and vendor’s organization is called Delhi Rehdi-Patri Kamgar Sangathan.

The basic objective of the work is to create awareness among the unorganized sector workers on the issues of worker’s right, labor legislations, social security and especially on Building & Other Construction Workers (regulation of employment & service condition) act’1996 & DBOCWWB rules and benefits. The organization is working in five districts of Delhi and covering around 100 areas. These areas include slum clusters, Resettlement Colonies, unauthorized colonies & labor chowks. The following are the names of the districts:

Name of the districts:

  1. West Delhi
  2. South West Delhi
  3. North West Delhi
  4. South Delhi
  5. Central Delhi

Delhi Nirman Mazdoor Sangathan (DNMS) and Delhi Gharelu Kamgar Sangathan (DGKS) got registered under Indian Trade Union act, 1926 and have been working with the construction workers & domestic workers and Delhi Rehdi-Patri Kamgar Sangathan is working with vendors of Delhi. These organizations are working with rights based perspective where awareness & mobilization is the first stage of action. The workers are mobilized for joining the organizations and registration and thus association under Delhi Nirman Mazdoor Sangathan; Delhi Gharelu Kamgar Sangathan & Delhi Rehdi-Patri Kamgar Sangathan takes place. The membership develops them into a collective identity where their concerns of being a construction worker, domestic worker & vendor and availing benefits are directly addressed.

The organization is currently addressing the following issues of informal sector workers of Delhi:

  1. Housing rights for workers: Demanding amendments in Delhi Slum Policy and its effective implementation.
  2. Improvement in basic amenities & services in slum & resettlement areas for better quality of life.
  3. Social security for construction workers: Amendments in The Building & other construction workers (Regulation of employment & condition of services) act’1996 for providing improved benefits to the construction workers of the country.
  4. Social security for construction workers: Effective implementation of Delhi Building & other construction workers (Regulation of employment & condition of services) rules’2002.
  5. Social security for unorganized sector workers: Constitution of unorganized sector welfare board in Delhi under The unorganized sector workers social security act’2008 for providing social security benefits to the informal sector workers of Delhi.
  6. Social security for Domestic workers:  Demanding a comprehensive legislation on regulation of employment, working condition & social security for domestic workers.
  7. Food security for unorganized sector workers: demanding coverage of unorganized sector workers under Public distribution schemes without any categorization.