All India strike of workers for survival and justice

The Central trade unions organized Delhi state level conference on 17 August 2015 at Din Dayal Sodh Sansthan, Jhandewalan, Delhi. Around 300 representatives from all central trade unions & federations participated in this conference. The conference unanimously called for active participation of all workers from different sectors to make All India strike successful on September 2, 2015 against the anti labor & anti farmer policy brought by the government.

Delhi state conference of central trade unions

Delhi state conference of central trade unions

The representative from BMS, INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AIUTUC, and TUCC participated in the conference. Mr. Ramendra, on behalf of TUCC addressed the conference and said our country consist of such social, economic and political system which have never provided respect to the workers doing the manual work in the society. Our social system has always been giving excessive importance to the capital. The capitalist always get respected in society despite of his degree or nature of exploitation. It is not impossible to build the nation without labor power. The Government & the power structure should internalize that capital alone cannot build the nation. There is myth in the government & power structure that the workers are weak. The workers of the country will not tolerate this injustice anymore and large number of workers will participate in this protest.

All workers whether you are domestic worker or construction worker, rickshaw puller or street vendor, transport workers, it is requested to all of you to participate in this strike and must inform your employers about your demands and give one copy of it to your employers too. You also request them to support your demands for fair & just society.

By DSS team

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