The Joint Action Committee of Construction Workers Unions of Delhi (JAC-CWUD) organized a demonstration at Lieutenant Governor’s House on 2nd May’2014. Hundreds of construction worker from all over Delhi participated in this demonstration.

The representatives of construction workers addressed the gathering and said that the work & life of the construction workers are not protected in Delhi despite of formation of a tripartite Board called “The Delhi Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board” (DBOCWWB) and there is a fund of more than 1200 hundred crores of rupees. No construction worker can take benefits or support from the Board in case of sickness or meeting any accident during the work.SAM_5561

This Board is a tripartite Board where the representatives of employers, workers & Government are represented in a equal number but in Delhi the Board is controlled over by the bureaucrats. Most of the time they are engaged in developing plans to siphon off the fund in the name of distribution of cycles or pressure cookers etc items for construction workers. This is the reason that after formation of 12 years of Delhi Board, the construction workers and their families are forced to live in insecure life.

The Board officials are not intended to provide the benefits laid down in the rules to the construction workers. That is why; they issue such types of circular which will hamper the registration & annual contribution of the workers. On 27.02.2014, a circular has been issued by the Board which has put conditions like possession of birth certificate; residence certificate etc mandatory for registration of the workers in the Board and one has to be physically present at the time of registration/annual contribution.

Most of the construction workers are illiterate and migrant; they don’t possess birth certificate & residence proofs. That is why; they are not registered in Board. Since last two months, the registration of construction workers in Board is negligible. Those workers who are in position to arrange these documents, the average time period of their registration varies from 2-8 months.

The records of registered workers are not kept properly at all Deputy Labor Commissioners (DLC) offices, this is the reason the workers are not granted benefits. There are number of claims which are pending at DLC offices and not being settled till date.  The Board has appointed around 89 staffs who will carry out the different functions of the Board but most of them are working for the Labor department. There are number of instances when the pressure was made from the workers or the union representatives to ask them to do work; the workers are thrashed by these contract staffs and unions representatives are threaten to cancel the registration

of unions.

ImageThe senior officials are not taking any action on any complaint made by the unions. JAC-CWUD has also submitted several memorandums to LG office but the issue has not been heard till date. The construction workers of Delhi has organized this demonstration to appeal LG office to take appropriate actions in order to improve the overall functioning of the Board and make use of fund as per the rules for the social security of the construction workers of Delhi.

The public meeting was addressed by Sh. Subhash Bhatnagar from NMPS, Ramendra Kumar from DNMS, Anurag Saxena from CITU, Mrs Lata from Sewa, Mr. P N Dwedi from TUCC and other leaders of the unions.

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