Invitation for Mass Rally

Poor Demand amendments in modified Delhi Slum Policy &
immediate stoppage of slum evictions
Venue- Ranjit Singh Flyover to Jantar Mantar
Time 11.30am
On the 27th of November’2012, unorganized sector workers living in slum areas of Delhi are assembling at Mata Sundari Road/Marg, near Ranjit Singh flyover & will march to Jantar Mantar at 11.30am to demand amendments in slum policy of Delhi. The present policy will evict more than 80% of the slum dwellers in the name of eligibility & non-eligibility criteria. More than 2.00 lakhs families have seen their homes demolished and their belongings destroyed in Delhi during the last decade. As the workers whose labor and whose services drive this city, we demand that we too have a right to live with dignity inside its boundaries.
Delhi Shramik Sangathan demands there should be no eviction till the amendments in Delhi Slum Policy is done as per the demands/suggestions provided by the slum representative organization.
Eminent social activists & Sangathan leaders from Delhi slums address this rally at Jantar Mantar. Representatives from areas across Delhi will be attending the meeting to demand amendments in modified slum policy of Delhi & grant us the right to live as citizens in our own city.
Please cover the news with your photographers & support the cause of urban poor.
For further information contact
Ramendra/Anita at: 9868815915/9891264064

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