BeCric review

Read a review of the BeCric online platform. 

BeCric is ready to offer you the services of a bookmaker’s office, where you can bet on sports. We also offer an online casino where you can immerse yourself in the world of traditional casino gambling in a virtual format. 

The BeCric online platform allows you to place bets, play casino games, receive bonuses and participate in promotions from the comfort of your own home. You can start playing from your personal computer, mobile phone or app. In this review we will objectively look at the positives and negatives of the online platform. 

Let’s look at the most popular questions. We’ll tell you how to get the bonus. And also some important information that all users of the BeCric online platform need to know.

Pros of the BeCric online platform.

  • According to some observers, it is one of India’s best gambling platforms. The platform offers cricket betting. 
  • The BeCric platform develops customer service and strives for high quality services. 
  • Offers a great gaming experience. 
  • Covers most of the users’ gambling needs. 
  • Offers a user-friendly website interface. 
  • Beneficial promotions. 
  • A great variety of entertainment. 
  • BeCric/7 online support. 

In addition to the main advantages, the platform also has certain limitations. 

Additional data: 

  • The minimum personal account deposit on the BeCric platform is Rs 500. 
  • The maximum bonus that a user of the BeCric online platform can get is Rs 10,000. 
  • The system supports various payment systems. 

For more details on how to get the bonuses and deposit, see the relevant sections of the overview.

Bonus programme and promotions from BeCric. 

The BeCric online platform has opportunities to offer benefits to its users. BeCric tries to encourage both new players and experienced users. 

After registering, a new customer will be offered a welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is exclusively for new users and is available in your personal cabinet. 

The bonus amount and conditions are subject to change. So please keep an eye on your account for up-to-date information. 

The benefits of BeCric’s bonus programme: 

  1. a variety of deposit methods,
  2. advantageous conditions, 
  3. available promotions. 

Before activating the bonus, pay attention to the wagering conditions. These terms and conditions may limit the period for which the bonus can be used, the types of entertainment and the amount of the deposit. All the rules must be met. If you have any further questions regarding bonuses, ask the technical support team. 

BeCric online casino. 

An important part of BeCric’s online casino business is casino services. Different formats of entertainment will be available to you, including a live casino. The online casino offers a variety of games: 

  1. cards, 
  2. tabletop, 
  3. slot machines, 
  4. popular Indian games. 

A live casino will also be available to you online. 

Games at the BeCric casino.

An online casino will offer you a wide variety of gambling entertainment. These virtual amusements are provided by top software providers.

Among the developers you will find names such as: 

  • microgaming, netent, playtek. 

These are established names in the world of online gaming. You will be offered high quality software, ease of use and great design. 

Slots on BeCric.

A slot is a slot machine in virtual space.

A slot machine implies a fast play process. As a rule, it only takes a few seconds from activating the machine and placing a bet to the game results. Classic slots progressive slots video slots and many more will be available to you. You will also be able to appreciate the aviator slot. 

Board games on BeCric. 

BeCric has a wide range of board games. In terms of content, this format of entertainment involves a longer session for the player. However, it also requires the player to know the rules of the game. 

The Indian public in particular will enjoy games such as andar bahar, roulette and black jack. An important feature is the availability of the andar bahar game. 

Andar bahar by BeCric.

Andar bahar is a popular game in India. The essence of the game is that the dealer deals cards to the players in turn. The first to be dealt is the central card — the joker. This determines the winning card. After the joker, the other cards are dealt to the different players in turn. The player who gets a card of the same value as the joker wins.

A live casino from BeCric.

 The live casino format is one of the most popular formats. A live casino allows you to get close to the feel of a real casino. You watch the gaming table over a video link.

 Where a live dealer conducts a game session. You also place your bets with the real dealer. In this way, the BeCric online platform takes care of the needs of customers who cannot visit a real casino. 

A live casino is an opportunity to have a great gaming experience from the comfort of your own home.

BeCric Bookmaker.

The BeCric bookmaker allows you to bet on sports. You will have access to over 30 different sports on the site also each sport will offer different matches. 

From the local to the international level. 

A distinctive feature of the BeCric platform is the availability of cricket betting. As you know, cricket is the most popular game in India. It has a huge number of fans all over the world. However, the largest number of them is in India. An active team game. India has its own national cricket team.

How to bet on the BeCric website. 

In order to place a bet on the BeCric website, you will need to register, log in to your personal account, make a deposit, go to the betting shop section, select the sport and match and decide on your bet. 

Also, you will need to analyse a lot of information in order to place your bets. 

You have to take into account positions such as: 

  • the teams’ chances of winning, 
  • the team composition of the players, 
  • the field on which the match is taking place, 
  • judging committee, 
  • the rules of the game, 
  • injuries to teams, 
  • disqualifications of strong players and so on. 

As you can see, in order to place a bet and determine the probability of the outcome of a match, a lot of facts need to be analysed. Only a person who knows this data and can compare it will be able to make a successful bet. Apart from that, you also have to understand how the odds affect your final winnings.

Ways to make a deposit to BeCric. 

Betting on sports as well as betting on games at the BeCric online casino can only be done with a deposit. 

A deposit is your personal account, linked to your personal account. In order to start betting, you will need to make a deposit. 

Deposits can be made by a variety of available methods: 

  • Netteller, 
  • skrill, 
  • visa card, 
  • MasterCard and other methods. 

You can choose the most online payment format and use it both to make a deposit and to withdraw your winnings. 

Contact technical support if you experience difficulties with the top-up. 

BeCric app. 

To ensure that you always have access to your BeCric personal account at your fingertips, you can download the app. The app is software for your mobile phone. 

For it to work, you will need internet on your phone. 

To download the mobile app you need to do the following steps: 

  • from your mobile phone to the official BeCric website, 
  • download the application in the required format, 
  • install the app on your phone, 
  • sign in to your personal account. 

There are currently two app formats: one for android and one for iOS. So you can install the app on any portable gadget, be it a phone or a tablet. The software is adaptive. This means that the app will adjust to your phone, screen diagonal and so on. Log in to your personal account with the same credentials as the browser version.

The design and functionality of the mobile app is fully identical to the official BeCric website. Only it is more convenient and designed for the mobile phone screen. The app is designed so that all necessary functions are at your fingertips.

The benefits of making a deposit with BeCric. 

One of the important perks of the BeCric online platform is that you can make deposits in Indian rupees. This way you won’t lose money on commissions and transactions. But there is one disadvantage in contrast to this advantage. So far, the interface of the BeCric online platform is available in English. Whether it will be available in Hindi is unknown yet.

The BeCric website will always have technical support available to you. 

Technical support on the BeCric website.

 Service specialists will answer your questions, in case of a difficult situation. You can communicate with them via online chat. Some reviewers point out a major disadvantage — the lack of technical support by phone number.

Technical support is an online service for customers. The ability to ask experts questions about interaction with the BeCric platform.

However, before contacting technical support, you can try to solve the problem yourself. 

In the ranking of the most popular problems, the first place is occupied by errors in credentials and promo codes. So if you are having trouble logging into your account, check the spelling of your username and password. Also, if you use a promo code, check if you have entered it correctly. 

Then there is the difficulty of understanding how to make a deposit and withdraw winnings. Pay attention to the payment system with which you make a deposit.

Both depositing and withdrawing winnings must be done using the same method. The same payment system should be used. Further, for registered users, there is an opportunity to go to the section of frequently asked questions. You can find there a solution to your problem. If you did not manage to solve the problem yourself, you can describe it in the online support chat. Specialists will try to explain your situation quickly and promptly.

Let’s take stock of the BeCric platform. 

When did the BeCric online platform come into being? 

The platform was launched in 2013. 

Is the organisation registered and licensed?

According to observers, the online platform BeCric has a Philippine licence and permit to operate. 

How long has the BeCric website existed?

The website has been online for 9 years. In that time it has gained a large number of fans and customers. 

Is there a solution for mobile phones from the online platform BeCric? 

Yes, the online platform BeCric has developed a mobile application for phones. The mobile app allows you to install the software on android and iOS phones.

What should I do if I encounter difficulties on the BeCric platform? 

In the event of problems. If you have any questions that are not answered on the website, you can contact technical support.